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Experience Healing and Change: Join the Revolution of Hope!

Six evenings that bring new hope for people who struggle with:

• A low sense of joy or contentment

• A desire to deepen their connection to God

• Feeling stuck in patterns that do not work

• Depression and/or anxiety

• Low self-worth and/or anger

• Difficult relationships (spouse, children, parents, siblings, work)

• Painful trauma or abuse memories

• Addictions (eating, drug and alcohol, etc.)

• A desire to live from their authentic self


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Hope for the Broken

What will I learn in six weeks?


How to:

• Grow into greater intimacy with Jesus

• Increase Joy and reduce pain and anxiety

• Grow and maintain joyful relationships

• Tune into the hearts of others

• Build joyful relationships with children

• Identify and heal the roots of addictions

• Live from the heart Jesus gave you

• Heal emotional eating (and other addictions) at the root level

• Experience the Immanuel approach to healing

Promise of Joy –  is an experiential skill development training that draws on:

  1. Immanuel emotional healing
  2. Intergenerational Christian community
  3. Insights from applied brain science
  4. The 19 Skills

Participants will also…


Cost: $130.

Payment Details
Early Bird (Prior to Feb 10th) $115.
Participants welcome to register until February 27th.
Payments may be paid in the following ways:

  1. PayPal to “”
  2. Interact e-transfer ( Security question “Joy and?” Answer “Shalom”
  3. Visa or Master card.
  4. Cash or cheque for regular $130.00 or early-bird $115.00.

6 Monday evenings 7:00pm – 9:30pm starting Feb 27th.
Gospel Centre Pentecostal Church
9445 153 St NW, Edmonton, AB
Lower Auditorium
Parking and entrance on the east side of the building

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Facilitator: Chester McNaughton

Chester is a Registered Professional Counsellor offering Christian counselling in Edmonton. See





Yvonne is a ‎Speech Language Pathologist at Piercy Communication Solutions. She has experienced personal healing and growth through the Promise of Joy course and uses its principles in her work and ministry with children and families.





Email Chester McNaughton –

Please note that payment must accompany registration. Cheques can be mailed to 1238 – 48 St. Edmonton AB. If you wish drop off registration please call ahead (587 879 7064) and arrange any in person visits.
Participants welcome to register until Feb 27th.
Please provide your name, email, phone/cell number, and church affiliation.


Chester has been mentored by Dave Bamford ( ). Dave heartily endorses him and encourages people to experience the healing, growth and equipping that God brings through Promise of Joy.

Questions: phone Chester at 587 879 7064 or email to