Chester McNaughton Registered Professional Counsellor

Chester McNaughton, a husband and father, has spent the last 15 years passionately helping others grow as they journey through life. Chester has developed his problem solving approach to difficult relational situations as a result of extensive personal experience in the customer service industry, his own challenging personal journey, and extensive training in counselling and personal healing.

Chester holds a B.A. in Religious Studies. He has spent 10 years volunteering in healing and prayer ministries. Recently he completed a two year practicum as interim member of the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association and is now a Registered Professional Counsellor (R.P.C.). His internship focused on the principles and processes of healing prayer as well as developing a keen understanding of common dysfunctional human behaviors that affect people on a day to day basis. These experiences have combined to give him hands on experience as a counsellor who uses healing prayer and behavioral insight to help people on their healing journey. Over the last 5 years, Chester has become an expert in anger management, recovery from abuse and positive change with difficult personal behavior.

Chester in his office

Front Office

In his personal journey Chester found that his own anger and wounding left him unable to initiate and maintain the intimate relationships of family, friends and work. Fortunately God had a plan for him and placed very good people on his path. As he walked through his journey with these fellow travellers and guides, he found his healing and calling.

Today Chester lives a life that is blessed and surrounded with good people and good relationships. It’s a good life. Nevertheless, it’s not a perfect life, there are challenges and sometimes painful experiences. The old fears and patterns are still there. Sometimes they still affect his life and relationships, however, steady persistent application of healthy spiritual and emotional principles provide a way forward that is good, filled with opportunities for growth, and definitely worthwhile.

Chester has grown through his own challenging life experiences and knows that positive change is possible. He believes that we change within the context of safe relationships. As our desire to change interacts with God’s plan for our healing, we become willing to do things in new ways and we move into healing and freedom. Chester would like to walk with you, as you walk through the challenges, difficulties, and triumphs of your life Journey.

Chester is a member of the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association CPCA Logo
Chester’s Values

Safe and Nonjudgmental

My clients need a safe environment to speak honestly about emotional and relational problems that they wish to work on. I know how to provide this.


My clients need their privacy protected. I protect my clients privacy. If the law requires a release of information I use legal counsel to protect as much of my client’s information as possible.


My clients need skillful counsel that is tailored to their exact needs and situation. I bring my training, experience and gifting to the table every time to provide the best possible advice.

Christian Approach

I am a Christian. I understand the strengths and the weakness of Christian life and practice. I help people find their way in imperfect situations with imperfect people.


I believe that God has the power and desire to change us and bless us. I believe that our change is empowered by God. I teach my clients to access God’s power through prayer.


I believe people need to be met where they are at. I provide flexible evening and weekend times at affordable fees to improve accessibility for my clients.


I teach and practice healthy relationship management skills. I interact with my clients in ways that prioritize their relational and emotional growth and safety.

Healing Empowerment

I believe God has the desire to heal us. I teach people to think differently this empowers them to open their hands to receive from God, and then to step into this new way.


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